Exchange Server Profile Analyzer updated!!

For any of you folks that might have created a hair ball on the floor by pulling your hair out trying to obtain data from the Exchange Profile Analyzer (EPA) tool, there is good news that a new version has just been released and should help resolve the majority of the issues that you might have run in to previously. One of the updates that was a major blocker is if you had changed your default recipient policy to include variables such as, then this update will resolve this problem for you amongst a slew of other enhancements.

Please note that this is still the DAV version of the tool and will not run against Exchange 2010 servers, but currently this tool should only be run against Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2007 installations in the hopes that you can obtain the user profiles for your users to allow proper planning/sizing of your Exchange 2010 servers.

You can download the latest binaries from the following locations.

32-bit -
64-bit -