Announcing Microsoft Hohm

So, I haven’t been blogging much over the last year or so. But, there’s a reason. I couldn’t really talk much about what I’ve been working on. Turns out, starting today, I can. This morning we announced Microsoft Hohm. Once again I’m playing the role of architect of a Microsoft start-up. This one has been loads of fun because I’ve been getting a chance to play with a ton of new technology, have had an opportunity to do a mini-degree in Electrical Engineering, and learned more about energy production and consumption than I thought I’d even want to know.

We have a few final things to work out over the next few days, so go to our home page, add your email address, and watch this space for more about what we learn.

By the way, my home falls below the “efficient” home in my area, mainly because of all of the work I’ve done on it over the last few years. Where does yours fall?