Microsoft Smart Energy Reference Architecture

This crossed my desk today. These guys busted their butts to get this done and out. Congrats to the Utilities team.


Dear Power & Utilities Community:

We released the Microsoft Smart Energy Reference Architecture (SERA) on Tuesday and we hope you will familiarize yourself with its content and goals.

SERA establishes a vision and strong foundation for migrating power and utilities companies to the new infrastructure and services. SERA informs customers, partners and prospects about the Microsoft technologies that can serve as the basis for their development of the what we often call the integrated utility of the future. In this vision, the silos of utility business processes (generation, transmission, distribution and customer service) become integrated from an information access perspective to deal more effectively with the major disruptions changing the industry (growing demand, environment, government policies, zero carbon energy sources, etc..).

SERA supports our view that utilities will enjoy significant benefits by ever greater collaboration, especially as the Smart Energy Ecosystem evolves and requires the industry to integrate everyday business processes and regulatory compliance.

We have announced SERA on our blog at: