My Hohm Score is 95


Today the Microsoft Hohm team is launching a significant update that changes how consumers look at energy efficiency. As of now, over 60 million homes in the U.S. will have a Hohm Score, an estimate for a home’s energy efficiency. The Hohm Score makes it easier for people to understand if they are “energy hogs or energy misers”, helping consumers easily save energy and money using our product.

Just by entering your address, you can see your Hohm Score and compare it to regional averages and to other addresses in the U.S. The Hohm team developed its own sophisticated algorithms to utilize public record information and advanced analytics licensed from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Department of Energy to give users an engaging, personalized experience.

There is nothing like this today, and it gives people a tangible way to see the impact they’re having on the environment by changing a few simple habits and/or investing in energy efficient solutions. As one reporter concluded during a pre-briefing yesterday, “I love this stuff! Microsoft has a very cool product in Hohm”. 

Please help us make this release a success by a couple quick steps:
1.    Checking your own Hohm score
2.    Friend Hohm on Facebook, follow on Twitter
3.    Share your Hohm score on FB and Twitter
4.    Send emails to friends and families to check their scores
5.    If you blog, share this on your blog

This effort has been a stellar example of cross group collaboration and creativity. The engineering, PM, testing, marketing, ops, design, biz dev and legal groups all demonstrated smart thinking, perseverance and exceptional teamwork to make this Hohm Score release happen. Congratulations to the team.

The release today follows the announcement with Ford Motor Company a few weeks ago to help better manage the energy consumption of the upcoming electric vehicles. Hohm is on an exciting journey towards becoming the solution that provides everyone with clear insight about any of their energy use as well as easy and convenient tools to manage and reduce energy usage.  Hohm is leveraging technology to address one of society’s biggest problems – core to the SBG mission.