3 Men and a Whiteboard on ASP.NET MVC

A lot of videos at the moment but this one was more fun than most as Eric, MikeT and I got in a room with 2 pens and 1 whiteboard and chatted about ASP.NET MVC. This turned out to be more tricky than expected (not as tricky as the editing mind you) as we tried to capture the 3 of us and the whiteboard with our little Flip MinoHD cameras.

I also went on for too long so there’s a couple of points where I speed up the video to come in under 10’ – when MikeT and I are talking and drawing at the same time. Reaction to the faster parts has been mixed so I’ll be careful where I use it in future.

Before any sniggering can I point out that the phrase “where’s my rubber?” can be innocently translated into American as “where’s my eraser?”.

I had a bit of fun making the 4-way intro with the 3 of us + me at the whiteboard. Took me a while to figure out how to do it but I learned a lot in the process. It also made me realise just how much I value learning. It’s when I’m slogging without adding knowledge that I get very frustrated. Oh well….

Capture was done with 3 x Flip MinoHD cameras. Editing was done with Expression Encoder 2 and Camtasia 6. Effects such as mixing the image and speeding things up were achieved with AviSynth and VirtualDub. Logos are crafted in Expression Design 2 and were originally drawn by the artistically gifted Andrew Fryer.

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