We kicked off our latest MSDN Roadshow tour with a first gig in Cardiff Bay on Monday. Next in the line-up is London on Friday, then Manchester, Glasgow and Newcastle. It looks like there's still some places left for all but the Manchester venue so if you fancy coming along to say hello, follow the link above to register.

My session is titled ASP.NEXT – The ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions which was pretty accurate when I wrote it. Things have changed a bit since then and the various components I talk about (Silverlight controls, AJAX history support, MVC and Dynamic Data) are currently shipping (in preview form) in a variety of different vehicles. I thought it might be useful to provide some links to additional information and the relevant downloads.

Additional Information

How-To Videos


And that concludes the links for the MSDN Roadshow jury. Note: as I mentioned in my session, the ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview contains a version of the Silverlight Controls, MVC and Dynamic Data. These are not the latest versions. For the latest versions, follow the links above. They all seem to play together nicely (I have them all installed).

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