Atlas June CTP Available

You can download it here. Make sure you uninstall previous versions (through Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs) before installing the June CTP. I upgraded yesterday without any issues. You can also download documentation and samples at the same URL. New in the June CTP Release:

  • UpdatePanel
    • UpdatePanels can be added to a page dynamically throughout the page lifecycle
    • UpdatePanel will preserve cookies set during an async postback when Response.Redirect() is called.
  • Networking:
    • ServiceMethod uses default error handler if none specified.
    • XsltBridgeTransformer now works with VirtualPathProviders
    • DBNull.Value now should be serialized as null
    • ServiceReferences now support optional InlineProxy attribute
    • Fix for scenarios where web service proxy contained the wrong port (webfarms, port forwarding)
  • Drag and Drop:
    • Drag and drop will no longer produce debug output
    • Interactive HTML elements (input, button, textarea, select, label, anchors with an href) can no longer be dragged directly
  • Miscellaneous Changes:
    • Date.toFormattedString improvements
    • Client-side data: SaveData fix for strongly-typed DataSets