Big Day For Silverlight

It's seemed like a long time in coming but Silverlight 2 releases today. The following sites are being updated to the final release as I type and you should be able to visit and get the latest plug-in and tools very shortly:

There is a breaking changes document on MSDN at and it looks to me as though the remaining MSDN documentation has already been updated.

From an upgrade perspective, visitors to sites using the Silverlight 2 RTW (release to web) will automatically upgrade immediately and will start upgrading machines with older versions of the plug-in from 20th October.

In other interesting news, we announced plans to support additional platforms for developing Silverlight applications - specifically a French company, Soyatec, will integrate capabilities into the Eclipse IDE. We will also release the Silverlight Control Pack under the Microsoft Permissive Licence. The Silverlight Control Pack adds even more controls to the Silverlight arsenal such as DockPanel, WrapPanel, Accordion etc. It also includes source code (a great reference if you intend to build your own controls) and additional skins and templates for both core and Control Pack controls. Finally, we will publish a specification for the Silverlight XAML Vocabulary making it much easier to build tools that can read and write Silverlight XAML.

And remember, Visual Web Developer 2008 Express edition can also be used to build Silverlight applications - and it's free!

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