Christmas (Present) Crisis

It's the tradition in my wife's family that you send around a gift list for Christmas and birthdays to assist other people in finding the right present for you. While this has some downsides (takes the magic out of it, don't expect many surprises etc) it scores highly on the convenience front from the givers perspective. It's time for me to come up with my Christmas list and I'm really struggling.

So far I have (and I share this extremely personal information with you, dear reader, because I know I can trust you):

  • A laptop slip case thing (you know, the really slim ones that just protect your laptop)
  • An Xbox controller rechargeable battery
  • An alarm clock (because the internet radio I got for my birthday makes a terrible alarm clock)
  • Some Adidas Chile 62 trainers (love the ones my wife bought me about 2 years ago - want another pair)
  • My Igo charger + Tips (which I've already bought which makes it even sadder when you start buying your own Christmas presents)

And that's it. Now I'm not a presumptuous or greedy person when it comes to presents but I do like to offer people a bit of choice and the above isn't exactly an inspiring list. I'm very fortunate that I don't need much or want for much (well not much that fits within the accepted norms of a Christmas list, eg I don't think anyone's going to stretch to the lovely Ferrari Daytona I spotted in this months Classic and Sports Car or even a nice Porsche 914/6 (I'd settle for a four cylinder if I really had to)). I need some ideas!

Any suggestions or inspiration would be most welcome...

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