Demos - Catching Up on Rich Clients Part 1

Rich Client Sample Sites 

(Desktop Twitter Client – it’s been renamed from Chirp to Blu)

(Desktop Photo browsing / sharing application)

(Patient demonstrator – the Secondary Care app is the one with the Deep Zoom charts)

Interactive marketing site in Silverlight The FOX Movies demo isn’t available online but both ITV and Sky are using Silverlight for their media players


image Animations (.NET 3.5 Application)
image Styles & Resources (use Kaxaml to view)
image Control Templates (use Kaxaml to view)
image Data Templates (use Kaxaml to view)
image Templated Planetary ListBox Bea Stollnitz blog

I am running Kaxaml 1.7 Beta but the demos should work in earlier versions.

You can find all the slides here. Mike has published his demos here.

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