Facebook, a force for good?

Well, a force for anything you like it seems according to an article in the Observer yesterday. "Bring Back Wispa" seems like a cause worth fighting for (I'm a Mars man myself though and in any case I think Aero ought to be a close enough alternative). Things turn a bit nasty with the group "Amy Winehouse, Pete Doherty & Kate Moss Should all be Beaten with a Shovel". And using a social networking site as an outlet for your frustrations with an employer is a short cut to finding yourself looking for a new employer ("I Work at Argos and Can't Wait to Leave Because it's ****").

I'm thinking of starting "Residents' Parking is for Residents (there's a clue in the name)" and "Sir Trevor MacDonald what are you thinking of?". Or how about "The Campaign for TV Shows that don't feel the need to recap their recaps even though we only saw them three seconds ago" (Broken News isn't going to be a parody for much longer at this rate. If you've never watched it, do yourself a favour and watch every single episode you can lay our hands on, back to back).

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