Hurrah - PDC UK Event Announced in Readingmond

Ever wanted to share in the joy of attending PDC but just couldn't bear to be away from Twitter for the duration of the flight?

Ever been curious what developer evangelists such as MikeT and myself get up to of an evening?

Ever wanted the chance of a front-row seat for the Gu in 16:9 format?

Ever just wanted to find somewhere warm and welcoming to go on a Thursday night?

Your luck's in. Join us on the afternoon / evening / night of 28/29th October at our offices in Reading (Thames Valley Park) for an evening of futures, fun, frolics, frivolity, food, frameworks, fones, flouds, fliverlights etc!

For full details see this post on the UK MSDN blog.

If you can't make it to Reading, there are also events taking place at a number of universities around the country:

London South Bank University -
University of Nottingham -
King's College London -
Cambridge University -
University of Surrey -
University of Hertfordshire -
University of Leicester -
Manchester University -

For more details, see this post on the Microsoft UK Student Blog (these events aren't just for students - anyone can attend).

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