Image Capture and Auto-Resize With Cropper

Having talked about the pain of capturing image snapshots, someone mentioned Cropper and its plug-in model so I thought I'd have a bash at creating a plug-in to optionally re-size on capture. Using these helpful articles (here and here) on using the GDI+ System.Drawing classes to do image re-sizing I was able to pull something together pretty quickly. I modified the Cropper Clipboard Format plug-in to optionally re-size to a user specified width/height using InterpolationMode.HighQualityBicubic for image reduction.

Below are a couple of images created from a 1329x913 Alt-PrtSc image. The first using my Cropper plug-in and the second using Paint.NET (which uses its own custom re-sizing algorithms and doesn't rely on GDI+). I'm not sure there's much to choose between them so for my purposes the plug-in looks like it could be a good solution. The Paint.NET image is a little smaller at 255kb vs 263kb for the plug-in.

I should also mention that Live Writer *does* let you save image setting defaults (on the Image Properties -> Image tab at the bottom - highlighted on the Paint.NET image below). I'd never noticed that before...



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