Integration via the Cloud

I sat in on a Windows Azure session given by my colleague David Gristwood recently. He talked a great deal about the fundamentals of the Azure platform, the compute and storage capabilities, as well as talking about other components such as SQL Services and .NET Services. At one point he played a short video showing integration between an application running on Windows Azure and another running on Google App Engine. Interesting stuff but David didn’t have the opportunity to drill into any of the implementation details.

It turns out that the demo was built by another colleague Simon Davies who spends a lot of his time with Azure. Simon has just posted more details of the demo (and the video) to his blog. This is really an exploration of the capabilities of the .NET Service Bus. Simon says:

“…My intention was to show off a couple of aspects of Azure. Firstly the emergence of cloud computing not only creates an opportunity for the use of the cloud as a place to execute applications – in our case Windows Azure - but in addition provides the opportunity to provide services that developers can take advantage of in their applications, regardless of where those applications are running. Second I wanted to show off the fact that these services are – and need to be - interoperable with services and applications on other platforms.”


You can read the full article over on Simon’s blog.

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