Introduction to the Office Open XML File Formats

This is something of an experiment today. I've been making some nuggets on Open XML and Word 2007 features such as Content Controls and Building Blocks. As well as publishing them through our normal Nuggets mechanism (which is undergoing a major refurb at the moment!) I thought I'd try publishing one here (much as MikeT has done with his excellent LINQ videos) and see what people think. [By the way, I recommend CTRL+SHIFT+G to up the play speed]

Introduction to the Office Open XML File Formats

The 2007 Microsoft Office System introduces new default file formats for Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The Open XML File Format makes it possible to generate, modify, interrogate and sanitise Office documents without the Office client and opens up a whole host of possibilities for developers. This short video introduces the new file format, the key components & terminology and demonstrates how easy it can be to work with Open XML File Format documents.

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