Last night's MSDN TechTalk: "Developer Introduction to Office 12"

A big thank you to everyone that turned up last night to hear me talk about the 2007 Microsoft Office System from a developer's perspective. And a big apology as well for the pregnant pauses as my overworked laptop struggled to cope with host OS + 2 Windows Server guest OSs running in VPCs. By the end of the evening it had just about had enough!

I thought I'd post the "Further Information" links here so you don't have to wait for the slide decks to be posted. I will be "converting" the slide decks from the PowerPoint 2007 format today and posting them to our "staging" SharePoint so they should be available at the MSDN post events site by the middle of next week. In the meantime, here are those links:

BTW, I did the Office Preview Site an injustice last night (in saying it was a bit out of date) as it's been updated in the last few days and now has a lot more (current) content. Well worth a look.