Marathon Training Update - Week 6/7

Well week 6 was a bit of a lost cause as I couldn't train due to my pulled muscle. However I did venture out on the Sunday and managed to do 10.5miles round Windsor Great Park. We got a bit lost (mainly because you can't see on Live Local / Google Maps that some of the lovely wide paths / roads are actually private so your well planned route can't be executed as expected) and ended up running up more hills than planned. It was quite a hard run.

Gemma's not been well this week so I ended up training solo which isn't much fun. I did an easy runĀ on Tuesday and then a hill session at the gym on Friday but the milestone of a 12 mile run was achieved on Sunday (and I don't feel too bad today). For me that's 2 hours solid running (well 1hr 57min 35s for me). Half an hour into it and you're thinking "I've been running for ages". Problem is you still have 90mins to go. 2 hours is a long time to run for. An interminably long time in fact. And I've not even managed half the marathon distance yet!

Early Sunday morning was a lovely time for a run though. The only slight downside: I was overtaken twice by the same group on the Long Walk. That's just not cricket is it? In fact one of them overtook me three times as he took a detour for a wee behind a tree. Life as a slow runner can be quite depressing...

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