Measuring Buzz

BuzzNot as in FizzBuzz, just measuring Buzz, something that’s often talked about in Social Media. I’ll admit to being sceptical of companies that offer insight in the social media space “We monitor eighteen gazillion blogs, all of the Twitterverse, your Facebook universe as well as a dozen social media sources you’ve never heard of and we come up with – a number.”

Nobody’s very clear what the number means or how it should be used but because it’s a number it’s measurable and therefore ipso facto, useful. I admit I lose sleep over Klout for similar reasons.

I’ve just sent a mail to the rest of my team highlighting what I think is an interesting post drawing some rather harsh conclusions about the challenges in measuring social media “buzz” (the author’s quite disingenuous in his title :))

I suppose the challenge is in fact around measuring context and sentiment in the content rather than buzz per se but the net effect is it’s not easy and can easily be misleading.

I really like the idea of using Betfair – the ultimate crowdsourcing tool….

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