Mix08 Keynote - ScottGu on Silverlight

Big news

  • More than 1.5M downloads of Silverlight per day
  • Silverlight 2 Beta 1 available from today
  • Silverlight for Mobile

Silverlight 2 supports adaptive streaming for media - inspection of target machine capabilities and network characteristics to switch bit rates on the fly to optimise viewing experience. No code required to make this work. Plugin architecture to allow different adaptive algorithms to be used.

Enhancing both streaming and progressive download. WS2008 has multiple enhancements particularly around streaming scalability. For progressive download, bitrate throttling support (IIS7 Medial Pack) to enable you to initially push as much data down to the client for media startup then throttle back and maintain a constant buffer. As most clients disconnect part way through, this can save a great deal of bandwidth cost (as well as enhance scalability).

Demo of Silverlight Advertisement Template in Visual Studio (Jon Harris). Wizard driven, options for format, size, trigger etc. Switched into Expression Blend to add static content, animations and video. Ended up with a very nice video on video add. Showed Atlas AdManager and reporting - have people hovered over the ad, watched the video etc. Webplaylists can be used to chain advertisement content and control whether people can skip or not. Expression 2 supports ad markers to show / hide adverts and also supports XAML for overlays allowing you to embed dynamic content in the encoded video.

Ari Paparo from DoubleClick - announced support for Silverlight. DoubleClick SDK allows you to hook into ad events, tracking activity and taking whatever action you desire.

Perkins Miller of NBC - demo of the Olympics Silverlight site. 2200 hours of live content over 17 days then remixed with broadcast content to be made available on demand. Key decision criteria - dynamic, interactive experience through Silverlight and high quality video delivery. NBC Olympics demo showed basketball game. Lots of addtional content (eg bios, statistics etc), commentary and the ability to rewind to catch that crucial moment. Full screen 16:9 coverage but with ongoing connection to the data and alerts that pop up highlighting other important events with the ability to share with others. Enhanced with picture in picture so you can watch the main event while keeping an eye on another. Multiple streams per event to allow the user to control their view on events. Also a community experience to see what others are watching etc. Difficult to describe this in words but it looks absolutely amazing!

Continued in a moment....

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