Moving to Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Refresh - A Quick Checklist

Here are a few things you'll have to change in your Silverlight 1.1 apps to get them working with the 1.1 Alpha Refresh:

  • Replace the current Silverlight.js file with the new one from the SDK ***
  • Change any references to Sys.Silverlight.* namespace (like, for example, the one in the createSilverlight() function in *.html.js) to be just Silverlight.*
  • enableHtmlAccess in createSilverlight() is now a string so should read enableHtmlAccess: "true" (rather than enableHtmlAccess: true)
  • if you use the "javascript: " prefix in your XAML to refer to an unmanaged (JavaScript) eventhandler you'll need to change it. That syntax is no longer valid
  • If you have any URLs with "\" instead of "/", you'll need to change them to "/"
  • And Mike has already blogged about the fact that you need to give all your resources a name
  • There is of course a complete list of changes in the SDK

Get the SDK here: Microsoft Silverlight 1.1 Software Development Kit Alpha Refresh  

*** Note, as Jack Bond (thanks Jack) pointed out in the comments to this post, there seems to be a problem with the Silverlight.js file shipping with the 1.1 Alpha Refresh SDK pointing people to the 1.0 Silverlight plug-in. See the comments in this post for more details.

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