MSDN Search Gadget

If you use Tim Heuer's MSDN Search Gadget as I do, you'll probably have noticed that it recently stopped returning results. Again, it seems, due to improvements to MSDN & TechNet Search. I made some minor changes to the script to get things working again and thought I'd share.

The script you need to replace is called msdnsearch.js and lives in the en-us\script folder of the gadget so the full path is typically something like:

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\MSDN.gadget\en-us\script

You can download my revised version at Just extract msdnsearch.js from the zip file and drop it into the location above, replacing the "old" msdnsearch.js. The changes work for me but I haven't tested on others cultures / locales (the search now requires locale and language parameters). It should work okay - if it doesn't, let me know...

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