My First Computer was a… (Poll Result)

Well this one caused a lot of debate and discussion in the comments, though didn’t get nearly as many responses as the previous “Language Shapes The Way We Think” poll. Apologies if you’re particular model wasn’t listed (I did add a few in the early stages based on feedback).

As someone pointed out in the poll comments, Commodore’s winning result is perhaps a bit flattering as I opted to group the VIC-20 with the C64 whereas I separated the Sinclair offerings. So interpret the results how you will but I’d be inclined to say it’s actually a victory for Sir Clive.

Myself, I’ve never owned a Spectrum or a Commodore machine. I started out with a ZX81 (simply amazing – the anticipation waiting for that little box to turn up was incredible) then made my way through an Oric-1 (awful – took it back in the end after two or three duds), Jupiter Ace (fun, but a bit isolating as you’re bound to be the only person you know with one), Dragon 32 (best Donkey Kong ever), BBC Model B (wow – that was a quality machine), Atari ST (with some sort of weird windowing GUI thing), Amstrad PC1640 (another terrible experience – took it back for a refund).

Happy days!