New for Web Developers in the Orcas March CTP

I'm just downloading now (I know, I'm a little behind but I've been gallivanting around the country for the last week) and I'm super excited* about it. This is the first CTP with the VWD bits in so we get:

  • New ASP.NET WebForms design-surface with advanced XHTML and CSS features
    • That means things like the CSS management and cascade view you get in Expression Web. Nice.
  • JScript intellisense for ASP.NET AJAX and browser DOM
    • This could just prevent me from going completely insane.
  • Multi-targetting for .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, and 3.5 in websites and web applications
    • Oooh.
  • LINQ to SQL designer integration in websites and web applications
    • I need to play with this...

As well as:

  • XML Tools: XSLT Debugger
    • Enables Input Data Breakpoints allowing the user to break the execution of the style-sheet whenever a certain node in input document is hit.
  • XML Editor Performance Improvements
    • Performance in the Xml Editor for Intellisense, schema validation etc is improved by implementing incremental parsing of the XML Document.
  • Seamless transition between XML Editor and XSD Designer
    • Improves the experience a user has when working with an XML Schema in textual and graphical mode at the same time.

And, as I understand it, much improved performance switching between Design and Source views, a unified undo/redo stack and full access to features like the properties dialogue in source view.

* that was mean to be ironic - the super excited bit that is. I am excited but whoever made up the (now stock) Microsoft phrase "super excited" ought to be sent back to school and forced to endure a lifetime of English literature classes studying only William McGonagall.

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