New Microsoft Expression Product CTPs available

Today we announced new CTPs (Community Technology Previews) of Expression Interactive Designer (Sparkle) and Expression Graphic Designer (Acrylic). I'm hoping the "other" one (Expression Web Designer) wont be too far away. Here's the blurb:

  • Expression Graphic Designer
    • Produce a variety of graphic visual effects using innovative styles and graphic properties such as textures, fringes, and dimensionality. Add blurs, drop shadows, color correction, and other image effects and filters using nondestructive, editable Live Effects.
  • Expression Interactive Designer
    • Create engaging, cinematic user interfaces with a rich design environment that combines multiple media elements including vectors, pixel images, 3D content, video & audio, high quality text, and animation. Contextualize content by applying custom styles and layout to optimize the experience.

The Expression family of products are all about bringing designers and developers closer together and provide a rich suite of tools to serve the needs of those professionals in building applications capable of delivering really enaging, productive and intuitive user experiences. The idea of a CTP is to involve a broad set of customers in the development of the product. So if you're interests lie in this area I encourage you to download, feedback and make yourself heard!