New Nuggets - Content Controls and Repeating Data (or Can I Make a Table?)

I blogged back here about what is required to handle repeating data with dynamic documents (ie Word documents using content controls to bind to custom XML). In the meantime I've had numerous emails from people with very similar problems all asking how they can use content controls with some sort of repeating data. It seemed the best thing to do was to create a nugget (or two or three) and hopefully everyone will be happy.

It's a bit of a monster, split into three parts. And I apologise up front if there's some repetition in there as [a] I'm getting old and [b] it's amazingly easy to forget what you've said (or rather what you've committed to "tape") when you do a couple of retakes.

Anyway, the nuggets will be up very shortly here and you can download the source code here.

And here are the links from the "More Information" slide:

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