New Web Item Templates in Visual Studio Orcas Beta 1

I've just noticed a few new item templates

  • AJAX Master Page - creates a MasterPage with a ScriptManager control
  • AJAX Client Library - creates a JavaScript library file with an XML comment┬áreference to the MicrosoftAjax library (for Intellisense)
  • AJAX Web Form - creates an aspx page with a ScriptManager control and a JavaScript function already wired up to the Sys.Application.load event
  • AJAX Client Control - creates an outline for an AJAX client control (derives from Sys.UI.Control)
  • AJAX Client Behavior - creates an outline for an AJAX behavior class (derives from Sys.UI.Behavior), the basis for an Extender Control

The last three in particular are going to save a lot of typing (or CTRL-C, CTRL-V).

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