Office Open XML Nuggets

I've been busy creating a few nuggets (boy do I find them hard work - if it's not me fluffing up something, or finding myself meandering down a tangent I didn't intend, it's the cat wandering in and meowing - our cat has the loudest meow on the planet and can be clearly heard in some of my nuggets - or the bloke next door starting his saxophone practice which happens every day at 4pm) on Open XML, Word content control, the custom XML store, System.IO.Packaging etc.

I think people ought to be more excited about this stuff. Seriously - it's very cool. I particularly like how easy it is to do document generation with Open XML and in particular with Word 2007 using content controls and databinding to custom XML in the document. It's a breeze.

Anyway, in doing this I came across a few interesting finds that I thought I'd list here. When the nuggets get published I'll also be sure to publish the "extra info" links (or maybe I'll just publish the .pptxs - they're only 3 slides and include all the links). But here are some useful little snippets:

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