Office RTM, .NET Fx 3.0 RTM. What next? (Vista I guess)

Yep, Office has released to manufacturing and .NET Fx 3.0 is available for download. These are both huge milestones for us and as soon as Vista RTMs, it's a triple whammy! Boy am I looking forward to the launch activities when we get to show off all the new stuff. But even more so I'm looking forward to being able to work with (pretty much) one partition with one OS with one version of Office, one version of the framework etc. I've done more machine rebuilds than Machine-Rebuilds-R-Us over the last few months. In fact I'm building a new machine today - a shiny new Dell D820 with 4GB of RAM to enable me to host SharePoint VPCs alongside Visual Studio and PowerPoint for demos.

And as I'm typing this, this happened.... Well whadya know.... :-)

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