Send Delay Outlook Rule - I Turnip Not! Turnip.

I used to kick myself after I hit "Send" in Outlook before attaching a document I'd intended to. Or after accidentally hitting CTRL-ENTER. Or when I decided that maybe I'd been a little less than diplomatic in my reply and wanted a chance to change it. Enter the "Send Delay (client only)" Outlook rule which allows you to defer sending by x minutes after you send a mail. The mail itself sits in the Outbox for this time allowing you to recover it / modify it / delete it as appropriate giving you that extra bit of breathing space to save your blushes (or your career).

The only downside is when you're in a rush and you want that mail sent "right now" so you can close Outlook and make a quick getaway; Outlook tells you there's unsent mail in your Outbox and asks if you really want to close. Then you hang around for a minute or so to allow the mail to be sent. It's a bit annoying but I lived with it to enjoy the benefits of "Send Delay (client only)".

Then I met Chris (actually that's not true, I've known Chris for a while). Chris works in the Office marketing team here in the UK and I happened to mention to him about my little problem. Then we got on to talking about the "Send Delay but I want to shut down right now" issue and Chris said "Easy. Just extend the rule with 'except if the body contains sendnow' ". And life was good again for a while as I added "sendnow" to mails I wanted to send straight away. And people said to me "Mike, why does it say sendnow at the bottom of your mails?". And I relished the attention I received.

But one day (last week in fact) I decided that sendnow was a little dull. So I changed the rule to "except if the body contains turnip" which seemed like a lot more fun. And the great thing is, you can replace any word you like with "turnip" and it still works. So I find myself replacing random turnips in my mails and seeing if anyone turnips. Maybe I should turnip out more?

BTW Daniel, now you know why it said "turnip" at the bottom of that mail about archiving I sent you on Sunday...

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