Silverlight Streaming in a blog post

I had a slight problem with the Silverlight Streaming video app in my previous post - sometimes you would briefly see a 404 before the video player appeared. I suspected this was something to do with the way I was loading scripts in the page but it turns out it was actually related to publishing.

Having fired up Fiddler to see what request was resulting in a 404, the URL didn't look familiar at all. I went back and had a look at the blog post in HTML view of the Community Server dashboard and noticed the markup wasn't familiar either.

Then I realised that opening the draft post in Live Writer (which shows a live preview) and publishing back to my blog had saved the "wrong" script. In other words, rather than the original "dynamic" version of the script for embedding the Silverlight Streaming app, I'd saved back the "rendered" version of the script with the IFrame embedded in the div

 <DIV id=Wrapper_EncoderVideoTest style="OVERFLOW: hidden; WIDTH: 500px; HEIGHT: 400px"></DIV>

The net result was that it worked, sort of. But it certainly wasn't right. Just something to watch out for.

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