Simulation (football, not software) (Poll Result)

It seems like an age since the World Cup ended (congratulations to Spain, well-deserved winners in the end). While the footballing aspects of the World Cup were relatively easy to decide, the acting aspects were so much harder.

I’m not sure we saw anything to rival Rivaldo’s classic 2002 performance but who can forget Keita’s sublime impersonation of a man felled by a tap on the chest, De Rossi cart wheeling around the park as if supernatural forces were at work, or the most gifted of them all, Ronaldo tumbling like there was no tomorrow. Perhaps now he’s a father he’ll develop a sense of responsibility? I have my doubts.


Given the stiff competition for diving oscars, I left it to you to decide which national teams ought to hang their heads in shame. Little surprise that Portugal was a popular “winner”. Nor indeed for the midfield (except perhaps England and I can’t believe I find myself defending the English national team – I’ll be excommunicated for this).

I really wonder how North Korea and the USA ended up together, not something you see very often. But hats off to those two teams and Ghana who came out purer than the driven snow in our survey.

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