Social Media (Poll Result)

And, almost catching up with myself, here are the results of the Social Media poll from the last Flash (11th August). This is a slightly different style where you can rate from 1 to 5 (or opt not to vote at all for a particular option).

The results below reflect the scores for each category averaged across the people who voted in that category. eg a very few people voted for Virtual Worlds and the score of 1.47 reflects the average of those people. It doesn’t assume a score of 0 for those that didn’t vote. Sadly, there’s no way I can untangle the results to see what they’d look like if I made the assumption that not voting for a particular category meant you didn’t use it at all. I shall have to design the survey more carefully in future (or use a different survey tool).

Anyway, it seems Social Networking, Forums, Blogs and MicroBloggin (I think that should have said MicroBlogging) all come out fairly close at the top.


I’m a bit surprised to see Video and Photo sharing sites so low down. Virtual Worlds? Were they just a fad?