Some ASP.NET 3.5 ListView Control Examples

This one goes out to Vicky Smalley who posted a comment about MSDN Event: Microsoft’s Web Platform. IIS7 and ASP.NET 3.5. I've packaged up a few examples of the ListView control and the DataPager which you can download from here. I wanted to make them self-contained so they use the XmlDataSource and an xml data file I include in the website. The downside is that means no 2 way databinding and no LinqDataSource but it's a tradeoff. I was trying to keep things simple. Maybe next time I'll use Northwind and make that a pre-requisite of running the samples?

Anyway, the pages look a bit like this. I like the last one with a map pinpointing the location of each property. I could have taken that one a lot further but it was going off at a tangent a little... :-)

I've not packaged the images in the site so you need to add your own. The home page of the site has all the details.

image image image
image image image
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