Some Reflections on PDC 2008 - Must Watch Sessions (Day 3)

KYN04 Research in the 21st Century

The keynote from Microsoft Research. While it's all kind of interesting, I'd draw your attention to these demos:

  • Skip to 35' : Sensors and green IT. Monitoring the environment to understand, predict and improve energy usage
  • Skip to 64' : World Wide Telescope
  • Skip to 70' : Boku, a graphical based UI with a gaming metaphor to introduce kids to programming. Very cool.
  • Skip to 84' : Secondlight. Take Microsoft Surface to a new level (above the surface) and you get this. Watch it. Amazing.

TL26 Parallel Programming for Managed Developers with the Next Version of Microsoft Visual Studio

  • Daniel would never let me forget it if I didn't recommend his session

PC39 Inside the Olympics: An Architecture and Development Review

  • Heard good reports on this one and it was a stunning accomplishment

BB06 Live Services: Mesh Services Architecture and Concepts

  • No link to this on the PDC site but the video's there. Turn the volume up as Abolade is very softly spoken

PC54 Mono and .NET

  • Miguel de Icaza and Mono get a slot at PDC. What next?

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