TechDays Presentations on ASP.NET and jQuery

It’s taken me a while to get around to this – apologies for that – but below are my PowerPoint decks from UK TechDays. I’ll also publish the app I used to demo jQuery (most of my jQuery session was based on the app so the PowerPoint below is quite short). I should get that done in the next hour or so…

Microsoft UK TechDays - ASP.NET 4.0 Overview (20 mins)

Microsoft UK TechDays - Top 10 ASP.NET 4.0 Features (50 mins)

Microsoft UK TechDays - jQuery and ASP.NET (50 mins)

Finally a word of thanks to K. Scott Allen for generously sharing his jQuery deck from DevDays Holland and also to Remy Sharp who kindly offered to look over my jQuery session. I must add that I didn’t send it to him in the end – primarily because the bulk of the content is an ASP.NET app rather than a presentation – so any mistakes or failings are entirely of my own making.

And of course thank you to the owners of the images I used who allowed me to do so by sharing them under a CC licence.