The Transparency of ASP.NET AJAX

A interesting article here on ASP.NET AJAX vs open source where Brad (Abrams) argues that the Cathedral & the Bazaar analogy doesn't work when it comes to AJAX. The article (quoting Brad) makes some really good points about how we've got things right when it comes to ASP.NET AJAX:

  • You want the ASP.NET AJAX source code? Sure you can have it!
  • You want 24x7 product support for ASP.NET AJAX? Sure you can have it!
  • Want to know where we're headed? Here's our roadmap. In fact why not download a customer technology preview of the next release of Visual Studio / .NET?
  • Want the tools to do the job? We can help there!
  • Want to run ASP.NET AJAX on Linux? Sure you can - we have great interoperability!
  • Want your site to work on all the mainstream browsers? We have great cross-browser compatibility!

I do think the ASP.NET team got many aspects of ASP.NET AJAX spot on. Hats off to them.

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