Updated Source Code Formatter for Windows Live Writer

A long time ago I created a Source Code Formatter Plug-In for Windows Live Writer. Thanks to Tim I recently found out that the download links were broken (I changed domain names a while back and no longer own OfficeDinosaur.com).

I fixed the links and was using the plug-in today when I realised that newer keywords (eg the ones associated with LINQ) are not highlighted. Not surprising really, the plug-in simply has a hard-coded list of keywords that it uses for highlighting. There was also an annoying (but not very obvious) rendering issue on my machine (I run at 120DPI) whereby the JavaScript option wasn't visible. I've sorted that but haven't tested at 96DPI so it'll probably now look terrible on 96DPI.

Anyway, I published an updated version of the plug-in and the source here.


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