Web Application Toolkits

Web Application Toolkits provide a packaged set of samples, documentation, templates, controls etc to get up and running quickly with a particular technology. When you just want a bit of help to build an IE8 Accelerator or want to add search to your site, the Web Application Toolkit provides comprehensive documentation as well as a running sample so you can understand exactly what’s going on.

Currently there are Web Application Toolkits for:

  • REST Services
  • Mobile Web Applications
  • Template-Driven Email
  • Making your Website Social
  • Bing Search
  • IE8
  • FAQs

I’ve been taking a look at the IE8 Toolkit – given my recent foray into accelerators, webslices and search providers – and found it makes life even easier. The ASP.NET control and extender samples wrap up the functionality very neatly and make it a doddle to extend IE8. I’ll take a look at updating my Trafficify app using the toolkit in a later post.

In the meantime, I recommend you checkout the Web Application Toolkits themselves and also the videos on Channel 9.

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