Windows Azure Migration from USA-Northwest

If you’re on the Azure CTP (and specifically one of the early participants, eg a PDC attendee) then there’s a good chance you’ll have received an email like this one:

Email from Windows Azure Team

I do have a couple of problems with this mail. i think it could be a bit clearer in some respects and it gives me no indication of how I might “Copy any data you wish to preserve”. As it happens I don’t have any data I want to keep but I do have an application up there I’d like to keep.

Heading to the portal I could find no way of “backing up” my application and I don’t have the original source (well I do but it’s been hacked about something chronic as I blogged about various aspects of it so I’d rather not have to piece it all back together).

I admit this is my fault but it didn’t stop me muttering under my breath (and to our local Windows Azure people) about the Windows Azure team causing me pain. Anyway, I decided to take them up on their offer of help so I replied to their mail….

Knock me down with a feather but the last thing I expected was this reply

Reply from Windows Azure Team

Talk about a no-brainer. Windows Azure Team, I take back all I muttered about you :).

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