Windows Phone Manipulation Classes

Quick one just to highlight the manipulation data available on Windows Phone (given I posted recently about a simple implementation of a “swipe” gesture). Below are the three EventArgs classes associated with manipulations and the properties available from each. Recall that the ManipulationStarted event fires when a manipulation starts, ManipulationDeltas occur for the duration and ManipulationCompleted fires at the end.

ManipulationStartedEventArgs is fairly sparse (not surprisingly). Essentially you can understand the origin of the manipulation (element or point).

ManipulationDeltaEventArgs exposes the most recent delta (translation and scale), the cumulative delta, the velocities associated with the manipulation and again, the source.

ManipulationCompletedEventArgs exposes the final velocities, the overall manipulation delta and, again, the source.


More details in “How to Handle Manipulation Events” on MSDN