Bits of Visual Studio Web development tools history

This post brought up a few memories... Visual Inderdev 6.0 didn't have fancy project name. Everybody was just calling it VID. I guess it was convenient so it didn't need a special name :-). Visual Studio IDE project was called Vegas. It was new VS common shell based on new architecture. VC++ 6 and VB 6 looked similar, but if fact were completely different products with their own IDE, project system, text editor, class view, etc. In VS6 timeframe only VID and Visual J++ shared the new shell.

Visual Studio 2002 didn't have project name either. It was commonly called VS7. VID team was merged with VJ++ team in the beginning of the cycle. After certain Java-related events J++ project ceased to exist and HTML editor team became part of Visual Basic org. We stayed with VB for the duration of VS7 and VS 2003. VS 2003 was called Everett. Soon after VS 2003 was shipped HTML Editor team moved to ScottGu's org.

I have no idea if Venus name actually came from Scott. As far as I remember, Venus name appeared when we (now Visual Web Developer team) were still part of Visual Basic org, back in spring 2002. We weren't part of ScottGu's org at that time, the reorg happened much later. I think Venus came along with 'Mercury' which was another (short-lived) project in VB org at that time. At some point it was popular to use name of planets :-) I guess I need to ask around...