Power outage in Puget Sound was bad

My home lost power Thursday night, a week ago. On Friday there was no power anywhere. Bellevue, Redmond, Kirlkand, Woodinville - all were dark. We tried to get to Microsoft campus on Friday morning since usually it used to keep power even under quite serious conditions. It took us good two hours to get there (normally it takes maybe 30 minutes) However, there was no power on campus either. We returned home and stayed there until Saturday. By Saturday morning it was getting really cold, even with fireplace on. Fortunately, by Saturday morning power on Microsoft campus was restored. Also, Seattle also had power restored so we moved to Seattle hotel. It was really difficult to find one which had rooms available. We stayed in different hotels ever since watching updates at Puget Sound Energy Web site until today, when we finally go power restored in our home. The damage has been so extensive so some homes won't have power until after this weekend.

It is still a mystery to me why there are so many wires in the air and not buried in the ground... Even after almost 10 years living here I don't see much progress in burying wires in order to reduce probability of power outages during winter storms.