Six months with Prius

Back in October 2004 I bought Toyota Prius hybrid. (I traded in Infinity FX45 if that matters). It has been half a year and 5000 miles and I am still very happy. I am averaging 47 mpg. I upgraded audio system and now enjoying good music in the morning traffic. As a matter of fact, Prius is a great car for music listening since it turns off gas engine when it stops or moves slowly so in heavy traffic it mostly runs on the battery. This means that engine noise does not interfere with the music! :-)

Some people don't like Prius electric steering, but I found it quite satisfactory. I like small steering wheel since I used to smaller ones in sporty cars I used to own. Brakes are really good. Smart keyless entry rocks too.

My 5 years old daughter said she liked my new Prius better since it has larger windows so she can see more surroundings. She also enjoys that color energy display that shows which engine runs the car and what is the current fuel consumption.

I recently ordered EV Mode kit which restores battery-only mode which is available in European and Japanese Prius but for some reason was taken out of American model.

All in all, I am happy with my Prius.