What do we do with your feedback

We have been getting feedback from MSDN Web site for a fews weeks now. So what are we doing with it?

Code defects and suggestions get automatically filed in our bug tracking database as bugs and suggestions respectively. We are looking at new issues as a part of our normal bug triage process. Real bugs get assigned to developers. Sometimes issues are filed as bugs while they are actually feature requests. We then reclassify them as suggestions.The important part of the feedback is number of votes, which means how many people have seen the issue or filed the same suggestion. We also getting average score assigned by users to each item.

Here are some bugs I personally fixed recently:

The latter one was not actually a bug. We defaulted to CSS 1.0 in the CSS editor validation but quite a few people expected CSS 2.1. It is possible to change the target in using dropdown on CSS editor toolbar, but apparently quite a few users didn't find it. I changed default validation target to be CSS 2.1 instead.

Couple of issues still active on my team's plate waiting to be fixed:

Suggestions will either get postponed to the next release or filed as a design change request (DCR). I believe even if suggestion does not get implemented in Whidbey it is still very important for us to have them filed since when we begin planning features for the next release your suggestions will be definitely taken into account.

Total filed for the Visual Web Developer is slightly above 100, out of which about 55 are filed as unique, reproducible bugs (i.e. code defects). In my area, which is Source view features and CSS editing, I am seeing about 30 items. Fortunately, mostly suggestions :-)

Here are most popular items in VWD:

Title Votes Score Comment
ASP.NET Code Behind Tab 47 4.0 We had separate Server Code tab for code-inline files which is now cut from the product. This one is different, however, since it is about Code Behind (or Code Beside as we call it these days).
ASP.NET Web Forms templates shouldn't use HTML that is considered obsolete 44 4.6 Fixed
Task List should read TODOs from all files (js, html, xhtml, xml, css, etc.) 18 3.8 Haven't triaged yet
Put the "WebSites" folder in My Documents 17 4.3 Fixed
Enhance Split window 12 3.3 Ability to split Source view in two panes each showing different files or one part markup and another part server code.
More Advanced Syntax Color Coding 10 4.4 Ability to colorize different tags differently (i.e. tables in one color, item templates in another and so on).

Keep sending us feedback :-)