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Today I want to share with you a new project I work on those days. The idea is to bring you a new tool to generate code for BabylonJS

Imagine you want to create a quick project with BabylonJS. You have to create a project, reference BabylonJS, create a simple scene, add assets and so on.

It’s straightforward, but we can do better…

BabylonJS Generator is a npm package based on Yeoman to provide you a simple way to create a BabylonJS project, hosted on node.js

Yeoman generator is already used with a lot of project (angular, webapp, wordpress,, office addins and so on …)

Check the generators here : 

The Babylon generator


First, install Yeoman and generator-babylonjs using npm (we assume you have pre-installed node.js).

This step has to be done only one time. The “-g” argument will install those packages globally to your computer.

 npm install -g yonpm install -g generator-babylonjs

From now, you can generate your new project with this simple command :

 yo babylonjs


 Actually you can choose the title, creating or not a folder for you solution and then choose the node.js port.
 Once the generator is done, you can open your project with your favorite IDE  (Visual Studio Code for me ):
 You will have a complete project based on :
  1. Node.js for the server side
  2. Jade for the client template engine (well to be honest, we just need a canvas element Smile)
  3. Express for the routing / middleware engine.
  4. BabylonJS (obviously !) for the 3D JavaScript engine.
 All the required JavaScript code is located in the  /public/scripts/index.js file.
 From now, you can hit F5 (on VS Code) or just run node :
 node app.js
 And we’re done !


Playground option

here is an other interesting option : If you found a cool scene from the playground, you can generate the full code with the playground scene identifier :

Imagine this playground sample :


would it be cool to generate the full project based on this sample ? Smile

Well, just add the argument –playground to your command line to generate the full playground sample code :

yo babylonjs --playground #11OYNB#12




With this option, all the code is downloaded from the playground and then injected in the index.js file :




Like we’ve done before, just hit F5 or run node Smile


node app.js


and we’re done (again Smile ) !




Cool ? Smile

More on BabylonJS

Getting started? Play directly with the Babylon.js API via our playground. It contains also lot of simple samples to learn how to use it.

  • Official web site:
  • Official forum on
  • Online sandbox where you can test your .babylon scenes with a simple drag'n'drop
  • Online shader creation tool where you can learn how to create GLSL shaders
  • 3DS Max exporter can be used to generate a .babylon file from 3DS Max
  • Blender exporter can be used to generate a .babylon file from Blender 3d
  • Unity 5 exporter can be used to export your geometries from Unity 5 scene editor
  • FBX command line exporter can be used to generate a .babylon file from .FBX file (animations are supported)

Getting To Know Yeoman

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