Configuration Manager May Fail to Install Exchange Rollup (KB2706990, KB2734323) because of Timeout

If you use Configuration Manager to deploy Exchange Rollups, you may find it failed to install.

The symptoms are:

In UpdatesHandler.log, it shows the update installation was cancelled and shows a Win32ErrorCode = 2278557284.

In WindowsUpdate.log, it show WU client failed to installing updates with error )x8024000b.

2012-08-13 03:09:01:255 796 a90 Agent * Criteria = "UpdateID = 'bc8902dd-8519-4e97-80be-18364413a894' AND DeploymentAction = *"

2012-08-13 03:34:27:848 796 868 Agent WARNING: WU client failed installing updates with error 0x8024000b

2012-08-13 03:34:27:848 2872 7a8 COMAPI - WARNING: Exit code = 0x80240FFF; Call error code = 0x8024000B

2012-08-13 03:34:32:724 796 d2c Report REPORT EVENT: {7604D594-CFC1-4FFF-8C99-BAC603129F28} 2012-08-13 03:34:27:725-0700 1 186 101 {BC8902DD-8519-4E97-80BE-18364413A894} 101 8024000b CcmExec Success Content Install User cancelled the installation.


The reason is the updates fail to finish installation before the defined “Max Run Time” by Configuration Manager, aka it times out. So Configuration Manager Client agent killed the installation process. For the two Exchange rollups released in August:

  • KB2734323(Update Rollup 8 for Exchange Server 2007 SP3) MS12-058
  • KB2706690(Update Rollup 4 for Exchange Server 2010 SP2) MS12-058

According to, if CRL is enabled and the computer cannot connect to internet, it will wait for each CRL checking to time out before continuing.

Even if the CRL is disabled, it still takes around 20 minutes to finish installation.

In SCCM 2007 SP2, the default timeout value for update install is 20 minutes.

In SCCM 2012 RTM, the default timeout value is 5 minutes for normal updates and 20 minutes for Service Pack.

To install it successfully with Configuration Manager, you need to manually change the Max run time to a proper time for them. Our testing shows when CRL is disabled, 30 minutes is a good time to make the installation succeed.