Network Protection Server Error Code issued by System Center Configuration Manager System Health Validator (SHV)


  NPS error code issued by the CMSHV


  Client Component (Fragility)

 Software update scan failure

  Server Component 0x80270002

 Possible reasons: 1. No SCCM client 2. Client installation problem 3. Old version of SMS client (v3)

  0x8abc0602:Expected patches not installed

 Update are not installed

  0x8abc0401:Pending SOH received

 Transient state, machine might be performing software update scan, downloading patches, or refreshing policy.

  0x8abc0601:Expired SOH received

 SCCM client has not performed a software update scan within the allocated time.  

(SOH validity time is 120 hours)

  0x8abc0600:Expired SMS Client Policy received

 SCCM client has old SCCM NAP policy cookie