Introducing Minh T. Nguyen's Professional Blog


   My name is Minh T. Nguyen, and I am a Software Design Engineer at Microsoft at the Silicon Valley Campus. Some of you might know me as enderminh on I currently work on Microsoft TV, in particular have recently worked on Microsoft Foundation Edition 1.9 and am currently moving over to a cool Microsoft IPTV-related project. :) This will be my professional blog, where I will post my technical discoveries in the world of Avalon/XAML, Longhorn/Windows Vista, Microsoft, Orcas/Visual Studio .NET and any other geek-talk for that matter. Please note that anything posted on this blog are my personal opinions and do not reflect that of Microsoft Corporation and all posts are provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no right. In other words, don't come back to me and say "but Minh says this and that's why we bet our company strategy on this and now you tell me that it can't be done?!"

   Those who know me personally, know that my passion for the Vietnamese community is far bigger than my passion for computer science, so I will keep my personal adventures over at my personal blog at

   Until I will post about some technical stuff, I invite you to check out my book Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks or the non-Microsoft .NET Developers Blog aggregator I made available a year ago.

Happy coding,
Minh T. Nguyen