Best University Internet–Can Your Campus Top Arizona State?

Randy Guthrie – Microsoft Academic Developer Evangelist


As Microsoft’s academic rep for Arizona State University, I visit their campus several times each semester. In between speaking engagements and faculty visits, I hold “office hours” for students in an empty office, conference room or grad student cubical. ASU’s network is relatively open; they have Guest wireless, and I can connect directly if I plug into a hardwire port. I frequently use to check the bandwidth of places that offer “high speed” wireless (like a hotel). Frequently I discover that hotel high-speed Internet isn’t very high-speed: like 400KB/sec down and 250KB/sec up. In those cases I’ll use my wireless phone provider aircard and get a faster connection. At ASU things are a bit different. This morning the bandwidth is 170MB/sec down and 119MB/sec up with a 7ms ping. Can your campus top that? I find it funny that Speed Test only gives the connection a 3 1/2 star rating. How the heck do you get a five?

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