Atlas Shrugged?


The world is divided into two, People who like Ayn Rand and people who don’t! I clearly fall into the first category. My dad gave me a copy of the Fountainhead when I was in my 10th grade. I’ve never been the same since! It changed me, it changed my outlook towards life. The constant battle I’ve always had is deciding if I am more like Howard Roark or like Gail Wynand! Time shall tell…anyway, I just reordered my therapy book – Fountainhead! I have a feeling I’ll need it soon! :) I guess I'll read it with a very different perspective after 13 years of reading it first.

By the way, is it just me who thinks the title - Atlas Shrugged is one of the most powerful titles, ever!?! Or. is there anyone else who agrees with me on that? :) I mean, it's so loaded...of course, I love that book too!

Nothing keeps me busy and occupied like a good book does! It’s where I drown my worries and sorrows!

Here’s a very comprehensive gist of characters from the Fountainhead. It's sad, but true that most of the people we meet in our lives are either Peter Keating(s) or Ellsworth Toohey(s)! Oh well! C’est la vie!

The Fountainhead: Understanding the Major Characters

by Robert Bidinotto
Ayn Rand’s novel The Fountainhead powerfully and credibly depicts how important moral integrity is in maintaining one’s personal independence, and in achieving success and happiness. Rand makes her case by depicting characters whose lives and choices represent the logical variations on her philosophical and psychological themes.

Readers of the novel may find the following chart useful. It summarizes the differing premises, goals, and methods of each of the story’s five major characters – and the respective consequences for each of them.







Howard Roark Integrity leads to success & happiness His work, done his way Exercise uncompromising integrity Success: his work done his way
Dominique Francon Integrity leads to destruction by the world Preserving her integrity Abandon worldly values, success & happiness Discovers that her premise is in error.
Peter Keating Integrity is an obstacle to popularity Popularity & social success Reject integrity, seek popularity via pandering Failure in his quest for popularity
Ellsworth Toohey Integrity is an obstacle to power over others Power over others Weaken others by attacking their integrity Failure in his quest for power over men of integrity
Gail Wynand Integrity is an obstacle to practical success Values & happiness Seek power over others Failure of power to bring him values & happiness



Thinking men cannot be ruled.

--Ayn Rand